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the path


God has given us his book of instructions, telling us how to succeed in life on our journey toward eternal success.




Not only did he provide his book of instructions, he has provided everyone with an open line of communication. on any day and at any time we carry on personal communication with the creator of all. Now how can it get any better than that?




A place and a community of friends to get together encouraging each other in hard times, learning from each other how God does get us through and over the hard places.

  the goal


   Sins forgiven through Christ Jesus, with      
   a successful life, and a marvelous eternity.






            Cape Cod chicks looking for a church,

             a warm loving place to call home.


               Visitors are expected at the


                 Evangelical Baptist Church.


       Come as you can, stay as long as you like,

                     discover a real friend.

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